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"Joe Desposito's Blog"
This month, Joe writes about his experience installing Linux on his new Sony PlayStation 3. He saw one of these game consoles running Yellow Dog Linux at the Embedded Systems Conference and thought it was pretty cool. Apparently, installation is a cinch for Linux guys, but we'll see if it's as easy for a Windows guy. Read about this and other topics by pointing your browser to and clicking on Joe's Blog.

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Top Ten Articles on during April

  1. PIR-based Motion Detection: Sensor-to-Solution
  2. Analysis of a Digitally Controlled Wien Bridge Oscillator
  3. IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP)
  4. Verification Techniques For FPGA Designs
  5. Refresh!: Flash Memory
  6. Calculating Video Bandwidth for VGA Systems
  7. Giving the eZ430-F2013 Development Tool a Whirl
  8. Basics and Pitfalls of Difference Amplifiers and IAs
  9. Design Considerations When Choosing Self-Protected MOSFETs
  10. How to Select the Right Blind-Mate Connector
eepn2 is the digital magazine that takes you beyond the pages of EEPN. Check out the new RabbitCore modules for WiFi and ZigBee from Rabbit Semiconductor in the April issue at

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Episode 31: The Desktop Pilot Operating an unmanned vehicle in a battlefield situation is common these days; operating one in commercial airspace is totally new. Quantum 3D has developed a software package that allows piloting large aircraft from the ground.

Episode 32: Two Wheel Balancing Robots I Engineering students, using National Instruments LabVIEW software, created a two-wheel balancing robot using embedded systems. In this, part one, we'll take a look at those systems and the controls of making this project work.

Episode 33: Two Wheel Balancing Robots II Engineering students, using National Instruments LabVIEW software, created a two-wheel balancing robot using embedded systems. In part two, We'll take a look at the final project outcome, a personal transport.


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