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Wireless Wind-Speed Sensor Promotes Remote Monitoring

wireless-wind-speed-indicator240x160T24-WSS-PR-AMantracourt’s new wireless wind-speed sensor can make high-accuracy measurements over a 5- to 125-mph range. Overall wireless range is up to 200 meters. The T24-WSS, based on the company’s T24 2.4-GHz wireless technology, features a three-cup rotor pressed on a stainless-steel shaft with a Delron body fitted with bronze Rulon bushings. The anemometer’s output value can be calibrated and configured to the user’s requirements. It will power down between transmissions to maximize battery life in the field. The device will operate alongside any Mantracourt T24 device (e.g., basestations, handheld displays, relay modules, GPRS data loggers, etc.). The T24 technology represents a flexible, low-power radio system designed to enable transmissions of measurements from load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, and so on. Thus, the combined transmitter and receiver technologies give engineers the tools to remotely monitor instrumentation readings.


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