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Bluetooth Platform Adds Noise-Canceling Software Capability

Software enhancements for the BlueCore5-Multimedia platform from CSR have taken another step forward with the addition of Alango Technologies' Voice Communication Package (VCP) to CSR's eXtension Partner Program. BlueCore5-Multimedia is CSR's most powerful multimedia silicon, offering superior sound quality for headset applications, with a signal-to-noise ratio of -95 dB and low power consumption. The single-chip solution integrates a powerful Kalimba DSP coprocessor running at 64 MIPS.

The Alango VCP improves speech intelligibility in dynamic, noisy environments using either a single- or dual-microphone input. BlueCore5-Multimedia customers electing to use the Alango VCP extension will be able to create end products that can suppress dynamic or transient noise such as passing cars, remove echo in reverberant environments, and automatically adjust speaker volume and equalization in accordance with the level and spectrum of ambient noise. For more information, visit www.csr.com and www.alango.com.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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