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  • Protel International Limited has acquired ACCEL Technologies. This move is expected to help establish Protel's current position as an independent vendor of Windows-based, desktop EDA systems in both the middle range and high end of the EDA market. The acquisition also will consolidate the resources and experiences of the two companies to present existing and future customers with a complete environment for desktop EDA.

  • LSI Logic Corp. has licensed its synthesizable 16-bit fixed-point, 200-MHz DSP core ZSP400 to Broadcom Corp. Broadcom, the first licensee of this open architecture, plans to use this core to create silicon solutions for voice over networks (VoN) and other wideband digital communications chips.

  • To solidify its position in the RF broadband arena, as well as provide one-stop shopping for complete front-end RF solutions, Microtune Inc. has acquired Temic Telefunken's system-level RF capabilities, including manufacturing facilities and operations. The combined entity will continue under the name Microtune. With this move, Microtune has evolved from an IC supplier to a solutions provider.

  • ASAT Inc., a provider of assembly and test services to the semiconductor industry, has chosen International Flex Technologies to supply fine-line flex circuits for use in ASAT's line of tape ball-grid-array (TBGA) packages. The agreement gives ASAT an additional source of two-metal tape, allowing the company to increase the production capacity of TBGAs, get new designs into production faster, and ramp up production volumes more rapidly. Additionally, ASAT will gain access to IFT's future developments in flex-circuit technology.

  • In a move that greatly expands its portfolio of passive components, TT Group PLC has acquired BI Technologies Corp., a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. BI's product line includes trimmers and precision potentiometers, position sensors, resistors, integrated passive networks, transformers, inductors, and hybrid and power hybrid microcircuits. These components will add to the contributions made by other TT Group PLC companies, such as resistor makers IRC and Welwyn Components, ferrite and magnetics manufacturer MMG, trimmer and potentiometer vendor AB Elektronik, and several automotive sensor vendors.

  • A new class of optical networking products will be the goal of an alignment between Nanovation Technologies Inc., a maker of optical semiconductors, systems, and components, and Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc., a microelectromechanical-systems component design and fabrication firm. The duo will strive to realize a line of dense, integrated, optical networking products for high-speed applications.

  • Internet security takes center stage in Broadcom's acquisition of BlueSteel Networks Inc., a developer of Internet security processors. Broadcom is a provider of integrated circuits for high-speed broadband communications for the home and business. BlueSteel was selected because of its patent-pending architecture for a family of ICs that will perform standards-compliant cryptographic functions at system data rates from 100 Mbits/s to over 1 Gbit/s.

  • Motorola and General Instrument have merged, marrying GI's converged voice, video, and data networks with Motorola's global reach and brand identity. The combined company will focus on broadband solutions, delivering interactive TV, Internet, and telephone services over wired and wireless networks.

  • Responding to the growing demand for wireless and broadband communications products, Anadigics plans to expand its 6-in. production facility. It will develop additional Class 10 cleanroom space and equipment installation within its existing InGaP HBT, PHEMT, and MESFET manufacturing facility. The $10 million expansion will double its current capacity.
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