Electronic Design

CPU/DSP Gains Java Accelerator

The TriCore-based TC1920 Telematics Controller targets automotive telematics, where Java is becoming an important application platform. The controller combines Infineon's TC1920 with Nazomi's (www.nazomi.com) JA108 Java accelerator.

Integrating the TC1920 with the JA108 was relatively easy because of the latter's architecture. It sits between a processor and SRAM and appears to the processor as an SRAM device. The JA108 executes Java applications from the SRAM and depends upon the host processor for peripheral access. The JA108 is also available as a standalone chip.

The new platform provides a 24× Java speed improvement over a Java interpreter. It will be available at the end of the year for under $1000.

Infineon Technologies Corp., www.infineon.com; (408) 501-6000.

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