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EDA Roundup

TSMC'S libraries will now be distributed through Synopsys' DesignWare IP library. Over 25,000 DesignWare users gain desktop access at no added cost to standard-cell and I/O libraries created by TSMC and optimized for its 0.15- and 0.13-µm and 90-nm Nexsys Technology for system-on-a-chip foundry processes. For information, visit www.synopsys.com/dwrequest.

An automated path from algorithmic specification to DSP implementation is the goal of Catalytic's business plan. The startup plans to formally introduce products later this year that will provide fast, efficient implementation of DSP algorithms, completing the path from Matlab concepts to implementation on target DSPs. Initial products will address the floating-to-fixed-point conversion issues. Visit www.catalyticinc.com for details.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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