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The 150-MHz, 24-bit DSP56374 from Freescale Semiconductor is designed for low-cost, small-footprint automotive applications. It offers smart audio services to deliver sound equalization and audio delays, enabling vehicle occupants to customize their aural experience. Also, the DSP56374 uses the company's Onyx core. It features 18 kbytes of RAM, 28 kbytes of ROM, a 24-bit media-access controller with a 56-bit accumulator that has a double precision mode, a six-channel DMA controller, dual Enhanced Serial Audio Interfaces, and low-jitter PLL-based (phase-locked loop) clocking with a built-in oscillator. Matrix decoders such as Dolby Pro-Logic IIx and DTS Neo:6 are available. Pricing for the DSPB56374AE starts at $3.99.


The Soft And Rugged Side Of StarFabric
Stargen's two latest announcements point to a thriving StarFabric arena, even with Advanced Switching's imminent arrival in the space. On the software side, Stargen's StarFabric software development kit, priced at $2995, delivers software libraries, fabric analysis tools, and drivers for Windows XP, Linux, and Wind River VxWorks. This includes support for nontransparent bridging and quality-of-service features. The other announcement is an extended-temperature-range version of the popular SG2010-A4 host adapter chip, which uses dual 2.5-Mbit/s full-duplex serial links.


More Arms For USB And Me
Oki Semicon-ductor extended its Arm MCU product line with two chips based on the 32-bit ARM-946E-S core with a five-stage pipeline. The core is augmented with DSP-style multiply instructions and a number of power-saving modes. Equipped with memory-protection units, the ML69Q6200 and ML69Q6500 integrate dual 8-kbyte caches, 128-kbyte SRAM, 512-kbyte flash, an IDE interface, a NAND flash controller, and a USB 2.0 device controller with a built-in media-access controller and physical layers to reduce support-chip requirements and system footprint. The 6500 family has a 16-bit audio codec with microphone preamp and headphone amplifier. Diagnostic interfaces include JTAG and ETM9 (enhanced trace module). Pricing starts at $9.


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