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Floating-Point DSPs Debut; DSP Technology Jazzes Color Printers

Two floating-point DSPs from Texas Instruments bring low-cost precision to applications such as speech recognition, games and robotics. The TMS320VC33 is called the first $5 (OEM quantities) floating-point DSP on the market, while the TMS320C6711 is, at $20 each/OEM lots, a low-cost entry to a high-end DSP platform. The 'C33 provides 1 Mbit of RAM and 120-MFLOPS performance. Its peripheral set is nearly identical to that of the popular TMS320C31 DSP, easing design migration. Running at 100 MHz, the 'C6711 delivers 600-MFLOPS processing power. It's identical in pinout and on-chip peripherals to the firm's 'C6211 fixed-point DSP, and the floating-point code of the 'C67x family is a superset of the 'C62x fixed-point code.

Company: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC. - Semiconductor Group, Literature Response Center

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