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Microprocessors, DSPs, NPUs & Related Chips & SoCs

Vendor Products Data Sheet / App Notes
3DSP Corp. DSP Cores and SoCs  
Advanced Micro Devices Microprocessors, 32-bit MIPS-based Processors
Advanced RISC Machines Limited ARM Processor Cores  
Agere Systems DSP Devices and Cores, Network Processors
Altera Corp. Embedded Processors, DSPs
Analog Devices Inc. 16- and 32-bit DSPs  
ARC 8- to 32-bit Processor Cores and DSP IP
IBM Microelectronics Division Microprocessors, Embedded Processors and Cores, Network Processors
Integrated Device Technology Integrated Communications Processors  
Intel Corp. Microprocessors and Network Processors  
LSI Logic ARM Processor Cores, MIPS Processor Cores, DSP Cores

Mindspeed Network Processors  
AMCC Microprocessors, Network Processors  
Motorola Semiconductor Products 32-bit Embedded Processors, DSPs, Network Processors

NEC Electronics Power Efficient, Embedded, Workstation

PMC-Sierra 64-bit MIPS-based Microprocessors  
Rabbit Semiconductor 8-bit Microprocessors  
Sun Microsystems Microprocessors  
Texas Instruments Inc. - Semiconductor Group Digital Signal Processors  
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) 32- and 64-bit RISC Processors and Cores  
Transmeta Microprocessors
Triscend Corp. 32-bit Configurable ARM SOC  
Vitesse Network Processors  
Zilog Microprocessors  
TAGS: Digital ICs
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