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If you missed the web seminar, Boost DSP Throughput with Low-Cost FPGAs, you still have a chance to view the archive. The latest generation low-cost field-programmable gate arrays such as the ECP2 family from Lattice Semiconductor contain abundant resources that support digital signal processing algorithms without breaking the bank. The chips pack multiplier-accumulator blocks, large amounts of embedded memory, and lots of programmable logic and I/O elements at a cost that allows them to compete with custom ASICs.

This webcast will look at the industry's need for custom DSP implementations in FPGAs and how these new-generation FPGAs can deliver the millions to billions of multiply-accumulate operations per second at a much lower cost than ever before. The ECP2 series delivers up to 28,600 megamultiply-accumulates per second at a cost as low as $0.001 per MMACs/s. That positions the FPGAs as a cost-effective production alternative to structured or custom ASICs, while delivering top-notch levels of DSP performance.

In the webcast, Lattice Semiconductor representatives will provide details of the ECP2 architecture and discuss some system implementation examples that leverage the on-chip DSP support blocks, embedded memory, and the company's easy to use tool suite.and power factor.

To view the webcast, point your browser to the Web Seminars archive at:

43rd Design Automation Conference
July 24-28, 2006
San Francisco, CA

The Design Automation Conference (DAC) is the premier Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and silicon solution event. DAC features over 50 technical sessions covering the latest in design methodologies and EDA tool developments and an Exhibition and Demo Suite area with over 250 of the leading EDA, silicon and IP Providers. To find out more about this event, visit:

Datasheet Central
New for June is our updated listing of companies who manufacture Optoelectronic Devices. Our Datasheet Central listing makes it fast and easy to link to the datasheets and application notes on vendor web sites. To visit Datasheet Central, go to and scroll down to Datasheet Central.

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Beganto, Inc. has introduced a new vertical search engine that seamlessly connects engineers with the parts they need, facilitates sample requests, and provides access to real time pricing and availability. Based on a proprietary hybrid search technology, the Beganto Open Search Engine outperforms horizontal search technologies based on algorithmic crawlers, and goes a step beyond the manually aggregated databases typically available in the electronics marketplace. The Beganto system allows component manufacturers and their distributors to keep the database current by manually entering searchable information, which supplements Beganto's crawler-based data aggregation. The result is a search system that is comprehensive and timely, as well as one that seamlessly connects to the other facets of the Beganto On-Line Design Center, including
An independent website has just been launched to provide an online user community and resource site for developers of ARM Powered MCU devices and systems. is a web portal focused on providing information and resources for development with the ARM MCU. The tool allows the user to find information about devices, software, tools and development boards, to search for distributors and training, and to look for answers to any queries about development using ARM processor-based MCUs.

The name refers to the focus of the site, which is centred on the most popular ARM processors used in MCU designs, namely the ARM7 and ARM9 processor families. A key feature of the site is the Chip Selector, a parametric search tool that allows the user to find devices from most chip manufacturers and to compare their primary features and characteristics. This includes a guide to the relevant development boards and tools, and a directory of distributors. Links are provided to information about other relevant products, and to various additional resources such as code examples and application notes.

Joe Desposito's Blog
This month Joe delves into the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE, as he adds the sixth installment to the continuing blog: Giving the eZ430-F2013 Development Tool a Whirl. And since he's never really used a microcontroller development tool before, you'll get the perspective of someone who's trying it out for the first time. To read Joe's blog entry, point your browser to and scroll down to Joe Desposito's Blog.

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