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Electro-optics Combat Interference

Electro-optics solutions can be immune to electromagnetic interference as well as provide contactless sensing options.

Electro-optics can be used in many applications from non-contact mapping of blood oxygen levels to having a laser receive modulate Wi-Fi signals. You will also find out about a MEMS device for building a “personal” electronic accelerator as well as a temperature sensor that’s immune to interference.


LED/Photodetector Array Provides Non-Contact 2D Mapping of Blood Oxygen  

By using an array of red and near-infrared LEDs, a research team developed an optically based, non-invasive system for 2D mapping of the blood oxygen saturation across a patient’s skin.

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Laser “Tricked” into Producing, Receiving Modulated Wi-Fi Band RF Signals

Researchers mixed two optical outputs of a laser comb and modulated the result, then emitted this energy via an integrated dipole antenna to create an RF signal in the 5-GHz band.

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MEMS May Lead to Chip-Based “Personal” Electron Accelerator  

A collaborative team is attempting to combine electro-optical physics and a silicon MEMS structure to create a chip-size electron accelerator, in contrast to the mile-long versions in use today.

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Resonant Electro-optical Temperature Sensor is Immune to Interference  

By sensing optical-parameter shifts in a microresonator stimulated by a laser, a research team devised and tested a way to measure small changes in temperature with an EMI-resistant arrangement.

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