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BY AUTOMATING THE GENERATION OF CONTROL REGISTERS, Denali's Blueprint tool eliminates the tedious and errorprone processes of manually managing registers. It also enables design, verification, and firmware teams to work more efficiently from consistent and synchronized views of a system-on-a-chip design. For design, Blueprint produces synthesizable Verilog, SystemVerilog, or VHDL code for control registers. It generates Open Verification Library (OVL) assertions as well. Available now, an enterprise site license for Blueprint costs $500,000 per year.

Visit www.denali.com/blueprint for more information.

A LIBRARY OF POWER-IC PSPICE MODELS from EMA Design Automation incorporates over 150 time-domain simulation models for power electronic designs. Designers can use it to plug in a model, representative of the actual IC, and simulate the switching performance under actual operating conditions. The models in the Power IC Model Library are compared and verified with bench data under startup, steady state, line, and load transient conditions. Included are phase-shift, voltage-mode, and current-mode pulse-width modulation controllers; switching regulators; motor controllers; power-factor correction ICs; power MOSFET drivers; and more.

For details, visit www.ema-eda.com.

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