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Miniature Linear Motors Advance Automation Applications

Said to be the industry’s smallest, the TT Micro linear motors measure 11 mm in diameter and are available with thrust-rod lengths from 62 mm to 510 mm. They are designed for easy integration into new automation applications, as well as for upgrading from lead screw mechanisms. When paired with the company’s servo amplifiers, the motors can operate in CAN open networks. The permanent magnets are fully enclosed in stainless-steel tubing and potted in epoxy resin and the motor form factor matches standard lead screw positioning mechanisms. Other features include a 0.015" air gap between the thrust rod and forcer, sinusoidal commutation, and a built-in position encoder. The motors operate from a 50 Vdc supply and deliver a continuous force from 3.9N to 8.8N. They are available with four forcer sizes to provide a peak force from 19.1N to 45.1N. Peak acceleration ranges from 150 to 250 m/s2. Prices start at $490 each. COPLEY CONTROLS CORP., Canton, MA. (781) 828-8090.


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