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Motors & Motion Control Products

Vendor Products Data Sheet / App Notes
Advanced Micro Systems Stepping Motors and Drivers, Control Boards  
Agilent Technologies Optical Encoders
Allegro Microsystems Inc. Hall-Effect Sensors  
Allen-Bradley AC/DC Drives and Motors, Motion Controllers, Servo Drives and Motors  
Altech Corp. Inductive Proximity Sensors  
Alzanti Ltd. Stepper Motors
Motion Control

Ametek DC Brushless Motors
Anacon Systems Inc. AC Motor Controls  
Animatics Corp. Servomotors  
Anorad Corp. Servo Controllers
Linear Servo Motors
Apex Microtechnology Corp. Motion Control  
API Motion Inc. Linear Actuators
DC and Gear Motors

Applied Cybernetics Speed/Torque Controllers  
Baldor Electric Company Motors, Servo and Motion Control  
Bayside Motion Group Linear Motors, Servomotors  
BEI Sensors & Systems Co. Encoders
DC Brushless Motors

Bodine Electric Company Synchronous Motors

Boston Gear Gear Drives and Clutches  
Bourns Inc. Encoders  
Canfield Connector Speed/Torque Controllers  
Cleveland Motion Controls Encoders  
Danfoss Motion Controls
Data Device Corp. Motor Drives  
Densitron Corp. Of America Actuators  
Eastern Air Devices Inc. Linear, Stepping and DC Brushless Motors  
Empire Magnetics Inc. Stepping Motors  
Enidine Inc. Actuators  
Galil Motion Control Inc. Speed/Torque Controllers  
Grayhill Inc. Encoders  
HD Systems Inc. Gearheads and Actuators  
High Density Drives Ab Shaft and Internal Coupling Motors  
Industrial Devices Corp. Rodless Actuators, Linear Servos, DC Motor Control, Step Motors, Gearheads, and Linear Servo Motors  
Industrial Indexing Systems Motion Controls  
Intelligent Motion Systems Stepping Motor Drivers
Microstepping Drives
Stepping Motors

Koford Engineering Brush and Brushless DC Motors, Gearheads, Encoders and Motor Drives  
Kollmorgen Motors, Servo Drives and Controllers  
LinMot Linear Motors and Servo Controllers  
Litton Poly-Scientific Motors, Resolvers, Synchros, and Actuators
Maxon Precision Motors Inc. DC Brush Motors, Encoders, Motor Controllers, Brushless Motors, and Gearheads
MicroMo Electronics Inc. DC Motors, Gearheads, Encoders and Controllers  
MotorSoft Motor Controls  
National Instruments Motor Controls and Power Drives  
Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp. DC Brushless, Stepping Motors, and Motor Drives  
OTEK Corp. Transmitters
Pittman Brush and Brushless DC Motors  
Renco Encoders Encoders  
Renishaw Inc. Encoders & Linear Slides  
Semipower Systems Inc. Motor Drives  
Superior Electric Motion Controllers and Speed Drives  
Thomson Airpax Mechatronics Actuators, Motion Control, Motors, and Gearheads  
Warner Electric Motors Clutches and Brakes  
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