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Electronic Design

New Products: More Analog & Power

Motion-Control Development System Leverages Algorithm IP Library
Designed for high-speed spindle motor-control applications, the IRMCS203 development system and IRMCO203 intellectual-property (IP) library of motion-control algorithms can cut development time from many weeks to days. The system and IP library support the iMotion integrated design platform. The licensable object-code IP library targets sensorless control of phase-modulation motors. Software includes the ServoDesigner configuration tool. The IRMCS203 system costs $2500 and includes a 1-kW servoamplifier hardware platform with pre-loaded code.

International Rectifier

Dual-Input Li-Ion Charger IC Lets Users Forego Wall Cube
Accepting inputs from both USB ports and ac-adapter sources, the MAX1874 linear, single-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery-charger IC lets portable users leave the wall cube at home. The charger handles input voltages to 6.5 V without external diodes or MOSFETs. Users can add dc-input overvoltage protection up to 18 V with a single small-outline-transistor PFET. Unit pricing for the 16-pin TQFN-package IC starts at $1.75 in lots of 1000. An evaluation kit is available.

Maxim Integrated Products

Nonisolated DC-DC Bricks Sport Efficiencies Up To 95%
The LEN series nonisolated, point-of-load dc-dc converters are designed for use in a 12-V intermediate bus architecture. They accept 12-V inputs and deliver outputs of 0.8 V to 5 V rated at 25/28 A. Coming in a standard E-brick form factor, the converters offer high efficiencies of up to 95%. Surface-mount packaging is optional. Pricing is $49.60 in single quantities.

Datel Inc.

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