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Integrity RTOS supports MIPS32 cores (4Kc, 4Km, and 4Kp). This royalty-free RTOS is targeted at secure, ultra-reliable environments. It's supported by Green Hills' Multi IDE.
Green Hills Software Inc., www.gh.com.

8-Bit PIC gets Internet link. Microchip's PIC1 5F877 is pared with an Ethernet controller on Yipee's NodEm multichip carrier, called the Cricket. It works with the Mediana RAD software and PICDEM.net. Chips and development kits are available now.
Yipee Inc., www.yipeeinc.com; Micro-chip Technology Inc., www.microchip.com.

Automotive Power SoC employs bipolar-CMOS-DCMOS, fifth-generation submicron technology. The L9805 contains an ST7 microcontroller, a 4-A H-bridge motor driver, a CAN interface, a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), 16 kbytes of EPROM, 256 bytes of RAM, and 128 bytes of EEPROM.
STMicroelectronics Inc., www.st.com.

GNUpro Toolkit Targets Cross Platform Linux Development. Tested and certified GNU compiler tools come with the toolkit, in addition to a graphical debugger and Source-Navigator that tracks source code.
Red Hat Inc., www.redhat.com.

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