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8/16-Bit TCP/IP Gets Wireless Ethernet Support
The CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack now has 802.11b support with the addition of the Wireless Ethernet Add-On Option for CMX-Micro-Net. It supports 64- and 128-bit WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) modes and can operate in polled mode, interrupt-driven mode, and with or without an RTOS. The add-on initially supports the Intersil Prism WLAN chip set. Pricing for the royalty-free CMX-MicroNet starts at $5500. The Add-On costs $2000.


16-Bit MCU Modules Make The Most Of Migration
A pair of compact modules (3.25 by 2.3 in.) integrated with Motorola's MC9S12E64/128 is based on the 16-bit HC12. Developed by Technological Arts, the MCU supports I2C; three SCIs; SPI; a 10-bit, 16-channel ADC; dual 8-bit DACs; 12 PWM channels; and three four-channel, 16-bit timers. The Adapt12/9S12 supports two RS-232 transceivers, RS-485, and IrDA. Cost is $36.


CompactPCI Packs Pentium M
The conduction-cooled, 3U CP306 runs a 1.6-GHz Pentium M. It includes a Gigabit and Fast Ethernet, four USB 2.0 ports, and four COM channels. Memory maxes out at 512 Mbytes of SDRAM. The CP306 goes for $3300.


Low-Power 16-Bit MCU Is In The CAN 2.0
The 24-MHz H8S/2615F with 64 kbytes of flash targets automotive body controls with a low-EMI chip. The six-channel timer pulse unit is optimized for dc motor applications, three SCI ports, and 16 10-bit ADC channels. Renesas' chip comes in an 80-pin QFP.


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