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Toggle, Rocker Switches Meet International Standards

International certifications of the P series of toggle and rocker switches from NKK Switches include approvals from UL, CSA, C-UL, VDE, SEMKO, and SEV. The standard-size devices feature silver alloy contacts that resist arcing and guarantee stable electrical contact and long life. The toggles have a mechanical life rating of 100,000 operations minimum, while the rockers are rated for 50,000 operations minimum. Both have electrical life ratings of 25,000 operations minimum. The switches use stainless steel frames that are clinched to the case well above the base and terminals to provide a 4000-V dielectric strength. The case and base are made of diallyl phtalate resin, which meets the UL94V-0 rating for flammability.

The P series is rated at 10 A at 125 Vac or 6 A at 250 Vac. The motor load rating is 400 W at 125 Vac. The lamp load is 2 A at 125 Vac for an on-off-on circuit and 3 A at 125 Vac for all other circuits. Customers can specify single-pole or double-pole switches and two or three positions. Terminals are epoxy-sealed to prevent the entry of flux, solvents, and other contaminants and are available in solder lug, straight PC or 0.187-in. quick-connect versions. The toggles come with 6-mm or 12-mm bushings. Their high-torque bushing construction prevents rotation or separation from the frame during installation. Rocker and paddle versions come in many colors and in two different sizes to fit large or small frame options (see the Figure).

Prices for the P series switches start at $3.00 each in quantities of 500. Availability is from stock to six weeks. For additional information, check out www.nkkswitches.com.

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