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Electronic Design July/August

Check out these articles from the July/August digital issue of Electronic Design

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Electronic Design Jul/Aug Articles

The digital edition includes all of the articles, but we have links to the best ones here, just in case you missed some in our newsletters.

Have We Learned Machine Learning Yet?

Electronic Design's Bill Wong takes a look at the challenges and payoffs of machine learning in embedded applications.

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Machine Learning: The Magic is How it Works

No overarching artificial intelligence looms on the horizon, but machine-learning tools can make applications do some magical things.

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Probing Methods that Boost Power-Conversion Measurement Accuracy

Accurately evaluating and measuring power-conversion devices to find small performance increases means that highly accurate measurements are of utmost importance.

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FPGA Highways Speed Machine Learning and Communication

Achronix's Speedster7t FPGAs utilize high-speed networks to provide faster communication between machine-learning blocks, storage, peripherals, and FPGA fabric.

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Integrating Secure Non-Volatile Memory in Internet-of-Vehicles Systems

Automotive electronics, particularly in autonomous vehicles, is skyrocketing, and advanced secure memory storage in non-volatile memory will be crucial to next-gen computing architectures for these applications.

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Power Semiconductors: Past, Present, and Future

Advances in manufacturing processes as well as material and packaging technologies, plus the emergence of new application areas, are creating a resurgence of sorts for wide-bandgap devices.

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Thermal Modeling: How to Meet EV High-Power Charging Requirements

Powertrain electrification, automation, and new business models are shaping the next generation of mobility. These trends will profoundly impact the electrical power and electronic architectures of future vehicles.

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Flying Above the Shoulders of Giants

NXP's HoverGames lets developers build on the open-source PX4 flight-control system with a real drone.

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