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Embedded Hardware Learning Tools

Learning about embedded development often requires breadboarding and debugging. Here we explore some of those alternatives.

Getting a better understanding about embedded development often requires breadboarding and debugging. A number of products on the market are specifically tasked with this type of support. We take a look at some of those alternatives in the articles in this section.

Third Time is a Charm with ELVIS III

Senior Technology Editor Bill Wong gives us a bird's-eye view of National Instruments’ ELVIS III all-in-one electronics lab. Here some other ELVIS III and LabView articles that might be useful as well.

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A Hands-on Look at Digilent’s Analog Discovery Studio

Technology Editor Bill Wong takes you on a quick tour of Digilent’s Analog Discovery Studio—a lower-cost educational tool.

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USB vs. Benchtop—The Great Test-Equipment Debate

Both form factors have their benefactors. But when making decisions on equipment, it’s essential that you first meticulously evaluate your needs and look at critical specs.

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BitScoping With the Raspberry Pi

These days, getting an oscilloscope doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. The USB-based scope from BitScope—the BitScope Micro—is an all-in-one development tool that includes a six-channel logic analyzer as well as a two-channel analog scope. It has a 20-MHz bandwidth and can capture digital signals at 40 Msamples/s.

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