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16-Bit PIC MCU Family Features USB OTG

With a 2.6-µA standby current, the 12-member PIC24FJ256GB1 microcontroller family is the lowest-power large-memory (up to 256 kbytes flash and 16 kbytes RAM) 16-bit MCU available, according to Microchip Technology Inc. It is also the only 16-bit MCU family with integrated USB 2.0 device, embedded host, dual-role, and on-the-go functionality, the company said.

In addition, the PIC24FJ256GB1 includes an integrated Charge Time Measurement Unit. In conjunction with the royalty-free mTouch Sensing Solution software development kit, the CTMU allows designers to add a capacitive-touch user interface without any external components.

Microchip provides complete software support, via free USB class drivers and USB applications. Also, the PIC24FJ256GB1 has enough code memory to support these advanced applications while offering up to four UARTs, three SPI ports, and three I2C ports to expand control capabilities and eliminate the space and cost of support chips.

The PIC24FJ256GB1 family comes in 64-, 80-, or 100-pin TQFP package options. All are available now for general sampling, with volume production expected in May. Prices start at $3.47 each in 10,000-piece quantities.

Microchip Technology Inc

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