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Audio Design Turns Down The Heat And Distortion


Audio Design Turns Down The Heat And Distortion refdesigns/iraudamp3.pdf

For audio designers, the IRAUDAMP3 reference design produces a 6-channel, 120W halfbridge class D audio power amplifier that does not require a heatsink. The package enlists the IRS20124S high-voltage analog IC and IRF6645 DirectFET power MOSFETs. The IRS20124S features a selectable dead-time generation circuit and achieves a THD of 0.01% at 60W, 94% efficiency at 120W, and provides bi-directional current sensing and over-current shutdown. Said to enhance class-D performance, the IRF6645 power MOSFETs reduce lead inductance to improve switching performance and reduce EMI noise. The IRAUDAMP3 sports a footprint of 4.5 square inches for each twochannel control and switch function. Other design features include an operating voltage of ±35V, load impedance of 4½, frequency of 400 kHz, and a gain setting of 26 dB. Single-unit price is $995.
INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7726.

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