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As systems start switching over to the higher operating speeds of PCI-X 2.0 and PCI Express interfaces, these interfaces turn into standard building blocks. Companies such as LSI Logic Corp. now offer these blocks as part of their intellectual-property libraries. As a result, system designers can concentrate on creating the more unique value-added logic in their systems. Time-to-market will be shorter as well. LSI's Xoom PCI-X core provides the PCI-X 2.0 physical—layer interface and supports the 266-MHz double-data-rate standard, which delivers twice the bandwidth of first-generation PCI-X interfaces. Configured as a 16-bit slice of the bus, four Xoom cores would be needed to form a 64-bit PCI-X interface. To meet the needs of PCI Express interfaces, LSI also developed both the PCI Express Link and Physical Layer interfaces. Based on the company's GigaBlaze transceiver core, the high-speed serial PCI interface includes flow control, retry, and data-protection features.

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