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In the merchant power-supply market, design and manufacturing are typically closely linked. Yet a Dublin, Ireland-based power-supply design house known as Commergy seeks to untie these binds. The company is developing high-efficiency dc-dc converters and then licensing these designs to customers to manufacture and sell. This business model is meant to reduce design leadtime and manufacturing cost while speeding products to market. So far, Commergy has developed a quarter brick with 60 A at 1.8 V and a 240-W (12-V output) quarter-brick bus converter. Also interesting is its wide-trim output feature, which allows two dc-dc converter models to cover all voltage outputs ranging from 0.8 to 3.3 V.
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Datel's UHE-Q 25- to 30-W DC-DC Converters offer 4-to-1 input voltage ranges—twice that of standard bricks. Units offer either a 9- to 36-V or 18- to 75-V input range.
Datel Inc.

Surface-mount 15-A point-of-load converters (SMT15E series) claim 95% efficiency and greater than 222-W/in.3 power density.

SYnqor raised its standard for process control beyond full routing control and unit level traceability. Its enhanced Manufacturing Process Management System now provides component-level traceability. So for a given serialized dc-dc converter, the data on every converter component can be tracked, including each component's manufacturer, date code, lot code, and receipt information history.

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