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DATAQ’s DAQ Units Provide 16 Inputs

\[July 31, 2006\] The DI-718Bx series, consisting of two data-acquisition (DAQ) instruments designed for general purpose and/or stand-alone data-logging applications, accepts inputs from up to 16 DI-8B series amplifier modules, which interface directly with DI-718Bx mainframes. Available in PC-attached and stand-alone versions, the stand-alone version records data to a standard SD-style memory card. Shared features of both versions include a channel-gain scan list, 14-bit a/d converter, throughput ranging from sub-Hz to 14,400 Hz, and an Ethernet interface. The 14-bit a/d converter enables the registering of changes as small as one part in 8,192 or ±0.012% of the full-scale measurement range. Single-unit prices for the PC-attached and stand-alone instruments are $1,395 and $1,495, respectively. DATAQ INSTRUMENTS INC., Akron, OH. (330) 668-1444.


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