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Generate Code Using UML 2.0
Development tools that empower programmers and designers with the ability to meet or beat deadlines, while improving reliability, are definitely worth noting. Telelogic's Tau Generation 2 is one of the new UML 2.0-based products that generate C or C++ source code from UML models.

UML tools have a proven track record in large system designs. They're equally applicable to small and medium embedded system designs. The new UML 2.0 standard features significant enhancements that improve real-time embedded design and code-generation support.

Generation 2 consists of Tau/Architect, Tau/Developer, and Tau/Tester. Tau/Developer is a superset of Tau/Architect, a model-driven visual UML development environment. Tau/Developer adds C and C++ code-generation capabilities. Tau/Tester, released earlier this year, adds real-time testing capabilities that are critical to most embedded systems.

Tau Generation 2 is integrated with Telelogic's Doors requirement and change-management suite. Tau/Architect pricing starts at $8000, while Tau/Developer begins at $11,900.

Kit Simplifies LIN Network Development
The local interconnect network (LIN) has found a home in vehicles, robots, and a host of process control environments. It's often used in conjunction with a controller area network (CAN). Cypress Micro-systems' new LIN Development Kit highlights the LIN support in its 8-bit PSoC CY8C25x/26x reconfigurable microcontroller. The LIN kit costs $199 and the CY8C25x/26x runs $2.80, both in OEM quantities.

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