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GPS Module Promises Precision Timing

Capable of a compensated time-pulse accuracy up to 15 ns, the LEA-5T GPS module needs just one satellite to operate. Compact and reportedly easy to integrate, the module is suitable for telecom network synchronization applications such as UMTS, CDMA, Chinese TD-CDMA, and other applications dependent on time-accurate data communication between dispersed systems such as NTP servers. It features a time-mode function in which the GPS receiver assumes a stationary position, manually programmable or set by an initial self-survey. Stationary operation enables GPS timing with one visible satellite and eliminates timing errors that result in positioning errors. A built-in time mark and counter unit provides globally synchronized time stamping and time-measuring functionality. The module derives power via the company's 50-channel u-blox 5 positioning engine. U-BLOX AMERICA INC., Herndon, VA. (703) 234-5290.


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