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Have your cake and eat it too with Bluetooth + 802.11b in a Mini-PCI Card. Coupled with explosion wireless technology boom is the burgeoning need for multiple wireless technologies working together or operating concurrently. The IEEE 802.11b wireless standard known as Wi-Fi is wildly popular. You can access a local-area network (LAN) or the Internet with your laptop via one of the growing number of hot spots. You may also want to link to other devices, such as a PDA with a short-range Bluetooth wireless port. Since both wireless technologies work in the 2.4-GHz industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) band, the likelihood of interference is great. But with the recent developments from Intersil, Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), and Smart Modular Technologies, concurrent operation with both 802.11b and Bluetooth is so easy it will be taken for granted.

Smart Modular Technologies' (www.smartm.com) Mini-PCI card incorporates CSR's (www.csr.com) BC02 Bluetooth 1.1-compliant class 2 chip, which uses a channel-skipping technology to minimize interference between the Bluetooth and 802.11b radios. This increases Bluetooth throughput as much as 50% over other coexisting solutions that rely on MAC-level signaling. The 802.11b part of the product uses Intersil's (www.intersil.com) proven Prism 3.0 wireless LAN chip. The Mini-PCI card reference design can be licensed from Intersil. It provides all of the resources an OEM requires to develop a PC or PDA enabled with both wireless technologies. Product samples are now available from Smart Modular Technologies.

See associated figure.

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