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Multi 2000 IDE Brings Optimizing C++ Compilers To ARM. Version 3.0 of Green Hills' Multi integrated development environment supports the ARM7, ARM9, and ARM10 processor families, along with the ARM architecture-compliant Intel XScale mi-croarchitecture. It supports ANSI C, C++, FORTRAN and Ada95. Also, it includes real-time trace support and run-mode and freeze-mode debugging support.

Multi handles ARM's Embedded Trace Macrocell technology for real-time tracing. In addition, Multi works with a variety of host/target connections, which include the ARM EmbeddedICE technology, ARM Multi-ICE, Angel ROM monitor, Agilent Emulation Probe, EPI's JEENI, and Macraigor's OCDemon.

The C++ compiler works with the SimARM cycle-count accurate simulator.

Pricing for the Multi Development Environment for ARM, including the C++ compiler, starts at $5900.
Green Hills Software Inc.; www.ghs.com.

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