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Navigation Disk Debuts As Thinnest

Measuring less than 2 mm in height and 21 mm in diameter, the Telepoint is said to be the market’s thinnest analog navigation disk to date. It is described as a reference design based on the company’s Vsense technology that provides a full solution for implementing a low-cost, miniature navigation disk. A simple mechanical and electrical layout using standard industry processes creates a true analog, 360° variable-rate positioning device in a very small space. The disk allows users to move in infinite directions at variable speeds, as opposed to current input devices that provide only north, south, east, and west. Other reported features include a long operational life, low-power consumption, and an instant wake up feature. For further information and price, call VARATOUCH, El Dorado Hills, CA. (916) 941-0744.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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