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RS-232 To CAN Converter
Seafire Micros' SF-1004 uses Atmel's T89C51CC01 microcontroller, an 80C51 superset. It incorporates Dallas Semiconductor's DS1687-5 real-time clock with nonvolatile SRAM. The SF-1004 costs $125 in OEM quantities. www.seafiremicros.com

Platform-Independent Dual-Mode IPv4/v
6 Elmic Systems' Turbo Treck IPv4/v6 stack targets the embedded systems market. It's tightly integrated with Elmic's new IPsec security protocol. The C code is designed for portability with a wide range of runtime options. www.elmic.com

8-Bit MCU Draws Only 1 µA In Standby Mode
Hitachi Semiconductor's new H8/38024F microcontroller (MCU) operates on a wide voltage range: 2.7 to 3.6 V for the flash version and 1.8 to 5.5 V for a mask ROM version. The chip features built-in 10-MHz and 32-kHz clocks. The flash version has 32 kbytes of flash, 1 kbyte of SRAM, and a double-buffer LCD controller. Flash versions cost $4.75, and the 24-kbyte mask ROM version starts at $1.80. www.hitachi.com

Mixed-Signal MCU Adds CAN And HV Amp
Cygnal Integrated Products' 25-MHz C8051F040 is based on a pipelined 25-MIPS 8051 CPU. It incorporates 64 kbytes of flash, 4352 bytes of RAM, JTAG debug, two UARTs, an SPI bus, SMBus serial interfaces, and a CAN 2.0B controller. Analog peripherals include two 12-bit digital-to-analog converters, a 12-bit 100-ksample/s analog-to-digital converter, a ±60-V common-mode input-range programmable-gain difference amplifier, comparators, and a temperature sensor. Pricing starts at $16.05. www.cygnal.com

Try, Then Subscribe To, Embedded Linux
The Monta Vista Linux Preview Kit lets embedded developers try out Monta Vista Linux, such as its network and real-time support. The software provides Linux support packages (LSPs) for a range of processor platforms. Cross-development platforms are RedHat 7.2, Mandrake 8.1, and SuSE 7.3, among others. www.mvista.com/previewkit/index.html

PMC Graphics Board Delivers Dual Output/Input
The Argus/PMC from Peritek drives RGB or DVI outputs and offers a USB 2.0 hub. It supports resolutions up to 1920 × 1200 for Solaris, Linux, Windows, VxWorks, and LynxOS. Pricing starts at $2463. www.peritek.com

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