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Tiny Stick Runs Java, CAN, Ethernet, 1-Wire, I2C, And SPI That's definitely a lot to fit on a 72-pin SIMM Systronix TStik2 that also supports three serial ports. The module runs a JDK 1.1.8-compatible TINI Java on a 30-MHz DS80C400 8-bit processor with up to 1 Mbyte of RAM plus 2 Mbytes of flash. The TStik2 TINI Java includes garbage collection, dynamic class loading, and standard Java packages like XML and lightweight JINI. The TStik2 costs under $100, with a development kit for $199. www.systronix.com
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Fast ARM, Inexpensive Tools Pricing for Philips' 70-MHz LPC210x ARM7-based microcontroller starts at only $1.47. It incorporates up to 32 kbytes of secured 128-bit flash and up to 8 kbytes of SRAM. Its fast GPIO can toggle bits up to 17.5 MHz with 32-bit port capability. Interfaces include an 8.75-MHz SPI, dual SSP ports, dual serial ports, and dual I2C. It also has an eight-channel, 10-bit analogto-digital converter and five timers with pulse-width modulation support. It's available in 7- by 7-mm PLCC and QFP packages. The IARbased development kit runs only $99, including C compiler. www.philips.com

Service Broker Zaps ZigBee Tendril's Service Broker is a three layer architecture that spans enterprise servers, ZigBee gateways, and ZigBee devices. The package adds layers on each to give Java and .NET enterprise programmers access to and control of remote ZigBee nodes plus logging and event services. Ethernet/ZigBee gateways supply the bridge between the ZigBee nodes and servers. Tools start at $2000 per seat plus pernode royalties. www.tendrilinc.com

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