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900-MHz ZigBee Kit Available
ZMD AG's support for the 40-kbit/s, 900-MHz ZigBee is easier to try out with ZMD's ZMD44102SKB starter kit bundle priced at $399. The 900-MHz implementation offers superior range (over 250 m at 0 dBm) performance. A low-cost, two-node version without the Daintree sensor network analyzer costs $199. The ZigBee modules incorporate ZMD's TSic temperature sensor. They use the $2.97, lead-free, QFN-48, ZMD44102 RF transceiver chip. The transceiver consumes less than 3 µA in network maintenance power mode.

Tiny RTOS Targets Tiny 32-Bit MCUs
The CMX RTX real-time operating system (RTOS) now supports a range of 32-bit processors, such as Freescale's Coldfire and ARM microcontrollers. CMX's other products like CMX-Micronet TCP/IP stack and Swell Software's C/PEG graphics environment also are available on these platforms. CMX's RTOS pricing for Coldfire starts at $4000. The TCP/IP stack starts at $5500. The latter operates in standalone mode as well.

First Freescale Dual-Core Simulation
Virtutech Simics now supports Freescale's MPC8641D dual-core embedded processor, which contains a pair of PowerPC cores. It lets developers start work without the need for hardware. Also, it runs unchanged production binaries with advanced features such as Simics Hindsight, which enables reverse execution and debugging of a multithreaded program on both cores simultaneously.

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