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Debugger Handles Multicore Configurable CPU
Mentor Graphics' XRay Debugger now works with Tensilica's (www.tensilica.com) configurable Xtensa IV processing core. It is tightly coupled with Tensilica's configuration tools, allowing XRay to support user-defined TIE (Tensilica Instruction Extension Language) instructions as well as the custom CPU architecture. XRay can debug multiple core systems, including multiple Xtensa IV cores. XRay pricing starts at $6000 per seat for Solaris or Windows NT/2000. www.mentor.com

Multimedia SoC Targets Handhelds
NeoMagic's MiMagic 3 system-on-a-chip (SoC) wraps an extensive set of multimedia peripherals around a 110-MHz ARM720T processor. The 0.18-µm technology tops out at 100 mW with an idle mode that cuts that in half. External flash and DRAM memory is supported, and there is an 80-kbyte on-chip LCD frame buffer, 32 Mbytes of SDRAM, and 32 Mbytes of flash on-chip. Peripheral support includes USB host and function ports and serial and AC-97 interfaces to the stereo audio and modem codecs. Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, Compact Flash, and SmartCard interfaces are supported as well. The chip costs less than $15. www.neomagic.org

UML Tool Generates RTOS Code
The I-Logix Rhapsody Visual Application Development Platform can now deliver code for Green Hills Software's Integrity RTOS with the click of a button. Developers can create models using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and generate C++ code suitable for use with Green Hills' Multi integrated development environment (IDE) and Integrity RTOS. I-Logix provides users with the RTOS and source code adapters, allowing greater customization options. The Rhapsody Developer Edition to Integrity RTOS adapter is available at no charge to Rhapsody in C++ 4.0.1 Developer Edition users. www.ilogix.com

SDK Supports End-to-End Linux Development
Embedix's Software Development Kit 2.4 covers all aspects of embedded Linux development. New tools include the Package Editor, the Graphical Remote Process Analyzer, and a preconfigured version of Metrowerks' CodeWarrior 6.0. Other tools include the GPL Compliance tool, the SDK Target Wizard, and the SDK Deployment Wizard. The Compliance tool helps developers manage open-source licensing of embedded modules used within a project, which is often an issue with Linux development. The SDK is $5200 per seat. www.lineo.com

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