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PowerPC Takes An EnCore
Ampro Computers' EnCore line broadens with its new PowerPC-based EnCore PP1. It packs Motorola's 300-MHz MPC8245 integrated host processor standard EnCore peripherals, including a fast 66-MHz PCI-bus interface, SDRAM, a 10/100BaseT Ethernet adapter, four USB ports, AC97 sound support, and a JTAG interface. The PP1 supports Linux and VxWorks and runs less than $300. www.ampro.com

Low-EMI 8051 Uses 0.35-µm Flash
Philips Semiconductor's new LPC900 family operates at 2.4- to 3.6-V levels for low power consumption even while cutting clock cycles down to two. It tolerates up to 8 kbytes of flash and implements a 0.5% internal oscillator. Peripherals include 16-bit capture/compare/PWM, 3-Mbit/s SPI, and 400-kbit/s I2C serial interface. Prices start at $0.50 in OEM quantities. www.semiconductors.philips.com

SoC Can Play And Record MP3s
Cirrus Logic's EP7312-90 runs at 90 MHz using one of the fastest ARM-7s around. That's enough horsepower to encode MP3s in real time. It also works with WMA, MP3, and AAC playback. A digital audio interface (DAI) provides a glueless connection to most popular digital-to-analog converters and analog-to-digital converters. The chip supports Cirrus Logic's MaverickKey security technology and costs $12.25 in 50,000-unit quantities. www.cirrus.com

MicroDIMM Packs RAM
ATP Electronics has packed eight of its new 32-Mbyte flip-chip DRAMs onto one 256-Mbyte micro-DIMM. This compact soDIMM is available for $132 in OEM quantities. www.atpusa.com

SoDIMM System Runs uClinux
Arcturus Network's uCdimm Tarifa MCF5272 microcontroller module houses a 66-MHz ColdFire processor, 2-Mbyte flash with uClinux, 8-Mbyte RAM, QSPI serial interface, serial interfaces, parallel I/O, USB ports, and 10BaseT and 100BaseT Ethernet connections. The development kit with the uCevolution IDE is $1495. www.arcturusnetworks.com

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