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Reference Design Eases Analog Frame Grabbing/Digitization Apps

The company’s latest video-frame-grabber reference design allows users to capture and transfer analog video files from older camcorders and VCRs to personal computers via a USB interface. Employing the CX23102 audio/video decoder and CX23417 audio/video encoder, key features include real-time MPEG-2 compression. The CX23102 provides several features to improve video quality including 10-bit video ADCs, a 10-bit video data path, multi-tap horizontal and vertical scaler, and hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast controls. The device eliminates additional components including broadcast decoding and processing chips plus sound-demodulation chips. The CX23417 incorporates the functionality of three different chips including noise filters that dynamically improve images in the pre-processing stage, a motion-search range, the de-coupling of motion estimation from encoding, and an adaptive quantization scheme. Additionally, the reference design enables the capture of a wide range of analog inputs including composite video, S-Video, and component video. For more details and price, call CONEXANT SYSTEMS INC. Newport Beach, CA. (888) 855-4562.


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