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TCP/IP Stack Supports Java Applets, Multiple Sockets, And Ethernet
The CMX-MicroNet provides true TCP/IP capabilities for the most popular 8- and 16-bit processors. It fully supports multiple sockets, Ethernet, and Java applets. The multiple-socket version lets users choose between a single-socket implementation for applications with tight memory constraints or a multiple-socket implementation that can support the faster data-transfer needs of large html pages, Ethernet, and other applications.

Tailored to fit in extremely small amounts of memory, this TCP/IP stack works with virtually all 8- and 16-bit processors while using from 3.5 to 17 kbytes of ROM. It supports the 8051, AVR, H8S, 300H, and 80C16x processor series. Also, it can operate alone or in conjunction with a real-time operating system. Support for TCP, PPP, UDP, SLIP, IP, and HTTP Web Server is provided. No proprietary protocols, hardware, or gateways are required to use the system.

The base system starts at $5500. There are no royalties on deployed products. The full source is included free with the software.

CMX Systems Inc., 680 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01702; (508) 872-7675; fax (508) 620-6828; www.cmx.com.

Development Kit Implements Bluetooth In Handheld Devices
Designers can use XTNDAccess Blue SDK version 1.1, a multipurpose software development kit, to implement Bluetooth wireless protocols in handheld devices. Specifically, it targets cellular phones, PDAs, portable office equipment, digital cameras, medical equipment, industrial automation products, and other embedded devices. It also provides manufacturers' support for all nine Bluetooth user profiles: Object Push, File Transfer, Synchronization, Dial-Up Networking, LAN Access, FAX, Cordless Telephony, Headset, and Intercom.

The kit's software stack works independently of a processor or operating system (OS). Manufacturers who are developing a product, then, simply port the stack to their preferred OS and the host controller interface (HCI) of a Bluetooth-enabled radio and baseband module. Additionally, the kit features a multitransport OBEX module. As a result, manufacturers can develop products that support wireless or wired transports within the same device. Version 1.1 ships with USB HCI transport and serial drivers for Bluetooth-compliant radios, as well.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Extended Systems Inc., 5777 N. Meeker Ave., Boise, ID 83713; (800) 235-7576; fax (406) 587-9170; www.extendedsystems.com.

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