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Compiler Translates UML Models Into C++ For Embedded Targets
The DesignPoint MC-2020 model compiler translates BridgePoint UML models into efficient, optimized C++ for embedded targets that use the VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). The device uss a multitasking execution model that lets designers map threads of control in the UML analysis models to operating system tasks.

By assigning priorities to events, designers control which threads preempt other threads. The MC-2020 uses a two-pass translation approach to eliminate data modeled on the class diagram but not used in the language. Using this compiler, embedded systems designers can go directly from models to target code without writing any C++ code.

This model compiler can also be configured to translate the BridgePoint UML models into C++, compiled and linked on a Windows NT development host. Saving much time and effort, the designer can test the translated models in the Windows environment before sending the code to the target hardware. Thus, developers can use the model compiler to translate UML models into optimized C++ for their Windows NT targets.

The device is available now for Windows NT hosts and Windows NT or VxWorks targets. Also, a version that supports Sun Solaris hosts will be available early this year. Pricing is established on an individual contract basis.

Project Technology Inc., 7400 N. Oracle Rd., Ste. 365, Tucson, AZ 85704; (520) 544-2881; fax (520) 544-2912; Internet: www.projtech.com.

Bluetooth Software Development Kit Ported To Run On VxWorks RTOS
The XTNDAccess Blue SDK software development kit has been ported to run on the VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). This inclusion enables consumer electronic manufacturers and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to bring Bluetooth products to market more quickly.

The VxWorks module eliminates development difficulties by providing application programming interfaces (APIs) that correspond to VxWorks device-driver APIs. Fully integrated with Wind River's operating system and the Tornado integrated development environment, this product includes related development tools for testing with various radios.

As a portable software development kit, the XTNDAccess Blue SDK is designed for use in embedded devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, and portable office equipment. Since it features a multitransport object exchange (OBEX) module, manufacturers can develop products that support wireless or wired transports—including Bluetooth, IrDA infrared, and serial—within the same device.

This kit comes with a USB HCI transport and serial drivers for various Bluetooth-compliant radios. Sample applications and documentation are included.

Pricing for the XTNDAccess Blue SDK includes a $55,000 development fee and a royalty run-time figure based on production volume.

Extended Systems, 5777 N. Meeker Ave., Boise, ID 83713; (800) 235-7576; fax (406) 587-9170; www.extendedsystems.com.

Upgraded Tool Suite Comes Equipped With Redesigned EDE
The C166 Tool Suite V7.0 incorporates a higher-performance EDE and enhanced error-checking for SAFER C. Also, the suite includes a faster, more efficient C/C++ compiler. With the CrossView Pro debugger and on-chip debug support, this tool suite enables managers to organize large, complex projects through grouping functions and specific management tools.

This product supports all available C166 architectures, including the Infineon C166 and upcoming second-generation extended architectures like C166S V2. According to the company, recent benchmarks show that the C166 tools are smallest in code size and fastest in run-time speed. Included floating-point libraries come with significantly improved single- and double-precision floating-point calculations.

The redesigned EDE offers easy and expert tool configuration modes to meet the needs of developers at various skill levels. Grouping multiple projects into one view, Project Spaces allows managers to better handle increasingly large or complex projects. Features including Tag Browsing and CodeSense give developers graphical cross-references and advanced coding assistance.

The tool suite is available on MS-Windows, Sun/Solaris, HP/UX, and PC/Linux platforms. It starts at $2490 for the C compiler and CrossViewPro simulator package.

Tasking Inc., 333 Elm St., Dedham, MA 02026-4530; (800) 458-8276; fax (781) 320-9212; www.tasking.com.

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