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Intel Corp. has selected VenturCom Inc. to join the Intel• Applied Computing Platform Provider program. Together, they will work to develop software solutions optimized for the latest embedded Intel architectures and enable faster time-to-market for applied computing applications. Also, VenturCom will offer a complete technology solution for real-time or applied computing.

Corning Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of optical-fiber, optical-cable, and photonic products, has acquired IntelliSense Corp., a MEMS software design and fabrication company. The acquisition complements Corning's optical switching products for telecom applications with Intellisense's MEMS technology. It also gives Corning access to IntelliSense's MEMS design software, qualified fabrication capabilities, and intellectual property.

Microcosm Technologies Inc. has acquired Coyote Systems Inc., a MEMS software development firm. The agreement strengthens Microcosm's MEMS product solutions for telecom RF and optical components. The acquisition provides Microcosm with technology for interconnect analysis of MEMS-packaged devices and for systems-on-a-chip that incorporate MEMS structures. This ability is especially crucial for optical and RF/wireless telecom products.

Companies interested in selling products online, enhancing their web sites, or earning commissions can now join National Instruments' Affiliate Program for free. For example, a company that sells CompactPCI modules could earn commissions on sales of National Instruments' line of PXI/CompactPCI chassis and controllers. Whenever one of the company's customers purchases modules or accessories at National Instruments' Online Store, that company earns a commission.

PowerCache Ultracapacitors and Onemocall will jointly develop energy generation and storage systems for portable products that now rely on rechargeable batteries. By combining Onemocall's microgenerator and power-management circuit technologies with PowerCache's high-value capacitors, the companies will produce power systems that recharge themselves. Onemocall's microgenerators are driven by kinetic energy, converting vibrations and motions such as walking into electrical energy. PowerCache's ultracapacitors provide a compact and efficient means of storing this energy. The new power systems are expected to offer greater reliability and longer life than existing batteries.

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