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  • Two founding members of the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Bus Consortium, Motorola and Volcano Communications Technologies (VCT), are partnering to develop vehicle-networking architectures. Initially, they will use LIN's serial architecture to create hardware and software solutions for networking low-end applications such as door locks and window controls. Motorola contributes its DigitalDNA silicon and software technology, while VCT provides a tool set for design, configuration, and maintenance of embedded real-time communications systems.
  • ITT Industries Inc. has acquired C&K Components Inc., a manufacturer of telecom, computer, and electronic equipment switches. C&K, which produces standard switches, will become part of ITT Cannon Switch Products, which offers customized switch solutions.
  • In two years, automaker DaimlerChrysler plans to introduce the industry's first fuel-cell-powered vehicles in the form of city buses. In 2004, the company will deliver passenger cars equipped with fuel cells. The company will invest approximately $1 billion to support these development activities. Additionally, DaimlerChrysler will use this alternative energy at a stationary fuel-cell generator in its Tuscaloosa, Ala., plant in four years.
  • Lineo Inc., a developer of embedded Linux system software, and Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc. will collaborate to support Lineo Embedix Linux on Hitachi's SuperH RISC processors. The partnership will let vendors develop products such as wireless-enabled handhelds and car information systems on SuperH processors using an embedded Linux.
  • Sun Microsystems and Magma Design Automation Inc. have unveiled details of their ongoing effort to validate and qualify a design flow that can automatically handle signal integrity issues for Sun's deep-submicron ICs. The flow is based on Magma's Blast Fusion IC implementation system, which features crosstalk and delay prevention and correction capabilities. So far, this pairing has successfully correlated Magma's system with Sun's internal noise tools and Spice.
  • Packeteer Inc. has acquired Workfire Technologies International Inc., a developer of software that accelerates the performance of business-critical web applications and content over the Internet and Intranet. Workfire Technologies will be renamed the Internet Acceleration Products group. Packeteer will use Workfire's key Internet caching and acceleration technologies to substantially enhance the bandwidth, traffic, and management issues associated with its web-based applications.
  • MultiGen-Paradigm (MPI) and Viewpoint Digital Inc., have joined to form Viewpoint Visualization Inc., a subsidiary of Computer Associates International Inc. The company will be responsible for driving CA's 3D visualization business. It will deliver the end-to-end infrastructure necessary for e-business by bringing its visualization technology to training, simulation, enterprise, entertainment, and e-commerce applications.

The bit-selection circuit used in this high-speed directory memory macro is skewed to ensure the early arrival of the write control enable signal, with respect to the bit-decode signal (BDEC), during a read operation. Dynamic circuit structures are used to minimize the delay from address in to decode out.

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