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With a Fully Revamped internal architecture, the TM8000 processor from Transmeta can execute up to eight instructions per clock. This represents a significant performance improvement over Transmeta's previous Crusoe CPUs. The processor also offers better energy efficiency for PC-compatible thin-and-light notebooks, tablet PCs, quiet desktops, small-office/home-office servers, and high-density blade servers.

The TM8000 includes a trio of high-speed bus interfaces not integrated on previous family members. There's a 400-MHz HyperTransport interface for increased I/O efficiency. An on-chip double-data-rate 400 (DDR-400) SDRAM interface substantially increases throughput over earlier DDR-266 interfaces. Lastly, there's an AGP-4X graphics interface. All three of these interfaces help the CPU achieve more work per clock, which results in greater energy efficiency and longer battery life for mobile systems.

The processor also has an industry-standard low-pin-count (LPC) bus, allowing it to communicate with new high-density LPC flash memories. This bolsters Transmeta's goal of efficient computing by reducing component count, increasing design flexibility and enhancing security.

Transmeta Corp.
www.transmeta.com • (408) 919-6818

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