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Transceiver Chip Enables Ultra-Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks

Introduced as the first ultra-low power, transceiver-centric communications controller chip for wireless sensor networks, the Emerald GP500C embarks as the only IEEE 802.15.4-compliant device with low-power features that enable energy harvesting. The device integrates a transceiver with a communications layer and an energy manager. It is an autonomous transceiver able to drive and control the data communication instead of being driven by a microcontroller, reportedly a ground-breaking architectural concept that enables end nodes to run on energy harvesting devices and to be truly wireless, free of power cords and batteries. Sensor systems based on the GP500C consume a peak current of about 20 mA and a system sleep mode consumption below 100 nA without compromising network reliability. The device comes with a reference design and development kit and supports a wide range of software stacks that can run on different processors including ZigBee Pro. For pricing, call GREENPEAK TECHNOLOGIES USA, Austin, TX. (512) 464-1188.


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