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Ultracaps Expand Power Density, Extend Life

Via groundbreaking technology, the latest BOOSTCAPR ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules claim to exhibit the industry's highest energy and power density. They also report a longer operating life than any other available ultracapacitor products. With a 2.7V voltage rating and a 2,600F capacity, the cylindrical MC2600 cells measure 166 mm in length, 57.7 mm in diameter, and weigh 470g. They feature a double-ended design that is available in versions that support either mechanical or welded termination. Integrating six MC2600 cells, the 16V BMOD2600-16 16 module in a splash-proof aluminum chassis measures 420 mm x160 mm x 70 mm and weighs 5 kg. It includes temperature and voltage monitoring, internal cell balancing, and module-to-module balancing. Depending on volume, prices for the cells and modules range from $54 to $92 and $366 to $613 each, respectively. MAXWELL TECHNOLOGIES, San Diego, CA. (858) 503-3300.


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