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Machine consciousness

IFD Welcome

Electronic Design's Ideas for Design series has been very popular. We are collecting them together for your perusal.

In 2012, Electronic Design celebrated its 60th anniversary. One of the articles was Reader Submissions Drive Our Most Popular Department. It highlighted one of the most well-received sections of the magazine, Ideas for Design (IFD). These short articles usually have one or two circuit diagrams, figures or listings that are examples of useful designs.

Actually, IFDs first showed up in Electronic Design in 1968. Walt Jung’s article, “A Look Back At 40 Years Of Ideas For Design,” highlights this event. His article, “Gated Amplifier Uses FET in Feedback Loop,” was in the Jan 4, 1968 issue.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a PDF copy of Walt’s article, but we do have quite a few others and we’re collecting them here, where you can read and download them. It takes some time to generate the PDFs and clean up articles on our site, since many of the older ones are missing some figures. These were misplaced during our many website migrations. But fear not, we’re updating both the online and PDF versions so you can examine, dissect, and utilize some of our newer IFDs.

We will have IFDs in our print archive (see figure), but there have been one to four IFDs in every issue of Electronic Design since they started.

This Idea for Design appeared in 1970 in a print edition of Electronic Design.

You can see the latest Ideas for Design as they are posted as well. We continue to publish new IFDs online and in the print edition of Electronic Design.

If you would like to add your ideas to our collection, you can contribute articles to Electronic Design. This will let you share your ideas with the Electronic Design community and maybe even get into the print edition of the magazine. To see the latest Idea for Design article, from engineer Eric Micko, click here.

Yes, we still have a print and digital edition of the magazine in addition to our website. You can access the Electronic Design Digital Archive by getting an account on our site. If you want the latest and greatest, you can subscribe to our newsletters that highlight all of the articles on our site.