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All About Enclosures

To choose the right enclosure, you must consider: the difference between unibody and modular enclosures and which NEMA rating is right for your application. In addition, you will need to understand how such enclosure materials as fiberglass, carbon steel and stainless steel can affect the long-term success of your installation. Don’t worry, this FAQ will help future-proof your investment.

Every industrial enclosure has two basic functions: providing a central place to house electrical/electronic equipment and providing protection/security for equipment that must not be exposed to the ambient environment. When choosing enclosures, facility managers want to fit the maximum amount of equipment into the smallest space possible to minimize floor space requirements.

But before protecting your equipment, you must choose the right type of enclosure for your application. This FAQ from Rittal answers the questions essential to selecting the right enclosure:

  • What is the difference between a modular enclosure and a unibody enclosure?
  • What is the best application for each?
  • How do NEMA ratings affect enclosure applications?
  • What are the material considerations between fiberglass, carbon steel and stainless steel?
  • How do you future-proof your enclosure investment?

From considerations regarding superior strength, corrosion resistance, configuration and modification options and more, this FAQ will help you to make the right choice and future-proof your enclosure investment.