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Cavity Bandpass Filter Handles Outdoor Installations

Cavity Bandpass Filter Handles Outdoor Installations

A ruggedized cavity bandpass filter, the Model Wifi2437-6A is ready for outdoor Wi-Fi installations. The component accepts up to 40W of RF input power and has a center frequency of 2,437 MHz and a bandwidth of more than 30 MHz (2,427 to 2,447 MHz). Other specs include a maximum insertion loss of less than 2 dB, passband ripple of less than 0.2 dB, filter rejection of at least 60 dB at 2,412 MHz and 2,462 MHz, and a return loss of more than 18 dB. The unit measures 108 mm x 56 mm x 29 mm and uses SMA female connectors. ANATECH ELECTRONICS INC., Garfield, NJ. (973) 772-4242.

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