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RJ-45 Filtered Connector Features TNV Circuit Protection
(858) 674-8100; fax (858) 674-8262; www.pulseeng.com

The J1501F21 is a single-port PulseJack RJ-45 connector that features integrated magnetics and telephone network voltages (TNV) protection. This device integrates isolation transformers and line-side protection. According to the company, this configuration creates a single-port T1/E1 solution.

The J1501F21 is a through-hole, tab-up RJ-45 jack designed to interface with PMC-Sierra transceivers PM-4351 and -4354. It suits long-haul and short-haul applications. Also, this jack can be used with a variety of other chip sets. Optionally, PulseJack models can be matched to T1/E1 ICs from Intel, Dallas Semiconductor, and Exar. The RJ-45 connector is designed to meet surge immunity and electrical safety standards. It complies with Bellcore GR-1089, FCC Part 68, and UL 1949/1950. According to the company, the space-efficient module minimizes the trace length between the RJ-45 connector and the integrated circuit transceiver. This configuration improves electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection and electrical performance. The J1501F21 is currently available. Contact the company for pricing information.

Cylindrical Connectors Suit Commercial Applications In Harsh Environments
Amphenol Industrial Operations
(607) 563-5335; fax (607) 563-5895; www.amphenol-industrial.com

The AMPHE-LITE series of rugged and environmental 38999-type connectors provides an economical interconnect solution for a variety of applications. These connectors function for industrial and commercial applications in harsh environments. Suitable applications include power, signal, RF, and fiber optics.

Members of this series are intermountable with the company's Mil Spec 38999 connector. This series is environmentally resistant as well as corrosion resistant. These connectors provide complete EMI shielding in a durable, lightweight package. According to the company, this device enables designers to use a variety of readily available standard 38999 insert configurations for any power, signal, RF, or fiber optic application. Key design features include a positive shell-to-shell coupling design and grounding fingers. Electroless nickel plat-ing provides superior EMI shielding capability. Acme threads ensure coupling durability. The connector quickly mates and self locks with only a 360° turn of the coupling nut. An antivibration mechanism prevents the connector from backing off. In 1000-unit quantities, the AMPHE-LITE series connectors cost between $10 and $15. Pricing depends upon shell size and insert pattern.

CompactPCI Backplanes Fit Data And Telecommunication Applications
Tracewell Systems Inc.
(800) 848-4525; fax (614) 846-4450; www.tracewellsystems.com

Two CompactPCI backplane series suit industrial, data, and telecommunications applications. The cPCI and H.110 Telecom backplanes combine standard architecture and high-frequency telecommunications designs for 6U board heights. They are available for a variety of slot sizes.

The cPCI backplanes provide a 64-bit CompactPCI bus that fully complies with PICMG 2.0-R2.1. The backplane includes hot-swap capability and slot-geographic addressing. Also, the eight-layer all-strip-line design uses an SMT/press-fit construction optimized for signal and power distribution with uniform impedance.

A right-justified system slot is available to enable the use of all slots, even with multislot CPU boards. Optionally, left-justified versions are also available. Power terminals are positioned adjacent to the system slot. This configuration enables more efficient power distribution and wiring. The H.110 Telecom backplane combines a 32/64-bit-compatible CompactPCI bus with an embedded TDM bus. This backplane also utilizes a 10-layer board design. The P4 H.110 TDM bus extends to all slots except the system slot. This configuration enables CPU feed-through I/O and segment bridging. In single-unit quantities, the cPCI and H.110 backplanes start at $660.

Compact Robotic Connectors Target
Smaller Factory Automation Equipment

Molex Inc.
(630) 969-4550; fax (630) 969-1352; www.molex.com

The Compact Robotic Connector (CRC) system provides a standardized power and signal interface for factory automation applications. These connectors suit small robots and other motor-driven equipment. They measure 1/15th the size of conventional rectangular I/O robotic connectors. A small form factor simplifies cabling. The system is available in wire-to-panel and wire-to-wire applications.

The CRC system features 7 A, shielding, and high-density 3-mm grid packaging in up to 30 circuits. The system is available in 12, 20, and 30 circuits to accommodate the pin-out needs of smaller robots that would normally use up to four motors. It offers a rating of 250 V and 7 A. The system can be employed as either a signal or power connector. In a typical robot application, one CRC connector would be used to carry signal current while another is used to carry power. A "one-touch" housing is easily removed from the panel attachment via a spring-lock. This feature enables easy field maintenance. This design also allows male or female housings to be loaded into shells on either side. Internal ESD shielding can be covered by various styles or colors of plastic boots. A plug and receptacle component kit set for wire-to-panel applications costs about $20 per mated pair for 100-unit quantities. Pricing depends on circuit size and quantity ordered.

Socket-To-Socket Adapter Is Designed
For Microwave Blindmate Applications

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.
(800) 445-4673; www.gore.com/electronics

The SMP socket-to-socket (bullet) adapter is a key building block in a push-on family of blindmate connectors. This device offers modular design solutions with superior RF performance. It is designed to tolerate significant misalignment, both radial (0.02 in. or 0.5 mm) and axial (0.01 in. or 0.3 mm), making assembly integration faster. According to the company, the flexibility of the SMP bullet helps to minimize costly assembly tolerance stack-up errors.

The blindmate SMP and mini-SMP connector series combine high density and push-on convenience in a compact package size. Small form factor saves both space and weight in all major microwave applications. Suitable applications include pc-board mounts, thread-in shrouds, test adapters, cable connectors, and installation and extraction tools. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Surface-Mount Modular Jack Features Integrated SMT Tabs
Kycon Inc.
(800) KYCON-22; fax (408) 494-0325; www.kycon.com

The GM-SMT4-N-88 is a nonshielded surface-mount modular jack. It features integrated SMT tabs for superior board retention. Since the positioning pegs have been eliminated, the modular jack sits entirely on the pc board. This configuration requires no drilling of holes.

The surface-mount jack measures 11.50 mm in height. It is intended for use in telecom and networking applications, including hubs and NICs. The jack is available in 6, 8, and 10 positions. The body is made of black PA9T high-temperature plastic. The contacts are available with two types of gold plating: gold flash and 50 µin. The jack is available in standard tray or tape-and-reel packaging for automatic placement. The GM-SMT4-N-88 is available now. In 5000 unit quantities, this jack costs $0.55 each.

SMA Straight Crimp Plug Features Teflon Insulation
RF Industries
(800) 233-1728; fax (858) 549-6345; www.rfindustries.com

The RSA-3000-I connector is a straight crimp plug for the LMR-400 or Belden 7810A cables. It features Teflon insulation and gold-plated contacts. A nickel-plated body also is featured.

This connector is designed for simple assembly and crimp installation. It can be used with the Times Microwave LMR-400, Belden 7810A, or Belden 9913 low-loss RG-8/U type cables. According to the company, it fits high-frequency and microwave ap-plications where small size and performance are re-quired of components. Other SMA crimp connectors are available for RG-174/U, RG-142/U, RG-8X, and other popular low-loss cables from Belden, CommScope, and Times Microwave. Cable assemblies using these cables are also available as stock items. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Elastomeric Connectors' Current Capacity Reaches 50 mA
Fujipoly of America Corp.
(908) 298-3850; fax (908) 298-1232; www.fujipoly.com

The Carbon ZEBRA elastomeric connectors provide design engineers with an economical, high-performance interconnect device for applications in the growing electronic devices market. These connectors feature contact pitches of 140, 240, or 500/in. While their current capacity is 50 mA, the typical continuity resistance is 1000 Ω.

Base connectors in this series operate between −50°C and 125°C. A low-temperature connector that operates down to −65°C is available. The ZEBRA connectors consist of alternating layers of conductive carbon-filled and nonconductive silicon rubber. They suit designs requiring reliable connections between contacting surfaces. They are most often used to connect small LCD displays in watches. They also suit large-area displays in instruments. Positioned between two aligned surfaces, they're mechanically clamped together with a lid or another pc board. Pricing starts at less than $0.01 per contact.

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