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Luxury Cabinet Racks Combine Elegance With Durability
The Luxor Series cabinet racks offer the ultimate in styling and strength. Two distinctive styles make up the line. Each includes high-tech qualities that meet specific enclosure requirements.

These cabinet racks meet EIA-310 and IEC-297 standards. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. All models come with fully adjustable, extruded aluminum-panel mounting rails, internal cable-management bars, and gasketed doors.

Some designs highlight acrylic front doors for instant monitoring of internal components. Others feature extra-wide cabinets to allow for additional cable access. Every cabinet rack can accommodate equipment with a panel width of 19 in.

All models are shipped fully assembled and can be complemented by a variety of in-stock accessories. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices start at $855.85 per unit, with volume discounts upon request.

Bud Industries Inc., 4605 E. 355th St., Willoughby, OH 44094; (440) 946-3200; fax (440) 951-4015; [email protected]

Electrically Conductive Adhesive Can Be Cured At Room Temperature
TRA-DUCT 2902 is an electrically conductive, silver-filled epoxy adhesive. It is recommended for electronic bonding and sealing purposes requiring a combination of excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Typical applications include the assembly and repair of electrical modules, printed circuits, and high-frequency shields. This sealant also develops durable electrically and thermally conducting bonds and coatings between materials such as metals and glass.

The adhesive can be cured over a wide range of temperatures, including room temperature. This makes it suitable for solder replacement involving heat-sensitive components. TRA-DUCT 2902 complies with NASA's Outgassing Specification standards. It also has been tested for cytotoxicity under ISO 10993-5 guidelines with success.

TRA-DUCT 2902 can be packaged to the specifications of the end user, including various size BIPAX and premixed and frozen syringes. For information on pricing, contact the manufacturer.

Tra-Con Inc., 45 Wiggins Ave., Bedford, MA 01730; (781) 275-6363; fax (781) 275-9249; www.tra-con.com.

Thermally Conductive Epoxy Useful In Harsh Electronic Applications
The 3861 potting compound is a thermally conductive epoxy. A low-viscosity substance, it can be used in electronic casting and encapsulating applications requiring thermal conductivity and chemical resistance.

The 3861 is heat curable and offers low thermal expansion. According to the compound's manufacturer, it maintains superior wetting and flow capabilities as well as good thermal shock resistance. The company also says its other attributes include high heat-transfer capabilities and outstanding electrical properties.

When fully cured, this versatile material is highly resistant to elements such as weather, water, gases, and vapors. In addition, it can withstand petroleum lubricants and many mild acids and alkalis. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for harsh end-use applications such as automotive environments. The compound cures in two hours at 100°C, or in one hour at 180°C. For information on pricing, contact the manufacturer.

Loctite Corp., 1001 Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT 06067; (860) 571-5100; fax (860) 571-5465; www.loctite.com.

Protective Coating Bears Conductive And Solderable Capabilities
HumiShield, a unique polymer coating, turns practically any material into a solderable and electronically conductive substrate. It is also able to protect metals from corrosion. The formula consists of a metallic component with magnetic and electronic conductivity properties. These properties transform the coated substrate into an EMI/RFI shield.

The coating can be used on materials as diverse as metal, ceramic, glass, paper and most plastics. Once applied and properly cured, it becomes conductive and ready for soldering, electroplating, or painting. Its distinctive qualities allow it to form a permanent, cohesive bond with more substrates.

As a corrosion preventative, HumiShield exceeds the mil-standard compliance for salt-spray testing. This means it has withstood ASTM-B117 salt-spray chamber testing for over 1000 hours without any traces of corrosion. For information on pricing, contact the manufacturer.

HumiSeal, Woodside, NY 11377; (718) 932-0800; fax (718) 932-4345; Internet: www.humiseal.com.

Elastomer Gaskets Acquire Increased Shielding Power
Durable nickel-coated metalized fabric-over-elastomer gaskets deliver shielding effectiveness of greater than 100 dB attenuation levels. The nickel plating is key to this capability. When placed over a highly conductive copper substrate, it provides the electrical properties necessary for shielding.

Corrosion-resistant plating has superior galvanic compatibility—a quality that increases shielding longevity. During the shielding process, the Ripstop metalized fabric is bonded to a low compression force foam. Soft to the touch, this user-friendly shielding is highly flexible and provides continuous contact between mating surfaces.

The durable gaskets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are available with easy-to-install stick-on mounting. Metalized fabric gaskets are UL 94 VO and UL 94 HB recognized. For information on pricing, contact the manufacturer.

Tech-Etch Inc., 45 Aldrin Rd., Plymouth, MA; (508) 747-0300; fax (508) 746-9639; [email protected]; www.tech-etch.com.

Structured Media Centers Fully Integrate Convergence Technologies
Structured Media Centers are capable of configuring the wiring for many information and entertainment connections in a single, expandable, self-contained center. Designed to accept modular snap-in components, they can be used in a number of applications. These include telephone, data distribution, computer, Internet, office networking, coaxial cable, and satellite transmissions. They also can be applied to audio, video, and security signals. New components may be added as greater connectivity becomes necessary.

The centers can handle quick and secure configuring for any connectivity operation, as well as easy installation in the trim-out stage. They feature a powder-coat finish, top and bottom knockouts for fast cable routing, and surface- and flush-mounting options.

Snap-in modules available include: the basic communications, structured cabling, video distribution, multimedia and audio and video distribution, data distribution, and power quality modules. Additional modules for security, automation, and other connectivity areas are currently being developed. Contact the manufacturer for pricing information.

Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc., 59-25 Little Neck Pkwy., Little Neck, NY 11362; (800) 323-8920; www.leviton.com.

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