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Circular Connector Supports Power And Signal Transmission On Glass
A two-piece circular electrical connector can be used for power and signal transmission on automotive glass. When applied, its presoldered clad metal produces a stronger bond with the glass. This small device was designed for ease of attachment using corrosive-resistant metals. These metals are commonly used for automotive termination, rather than nickel-plated steel with post-applied solder preforms.

The connector is presoldered and prefluxed in loose pieces or on a carrier for automated processing. It's available in brass, tin plating, or silver plating. Application methods include spin soldering, also available from the company. The company's smaller footprint molded mating parts include an RG58 coaxial connector that gives automotive glass engineers more flexibility in designing on-glass connections.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Antaya Technologies Corp., 72 Fenner St., Cranston, RI 02910; (410) 941-7050; fax (401) 941-8830; www.antaya.com.

Network-Equipment Cabinets Resist Earthquake Damage
The SEISMIC network-equipment enclosures are fully Zone 4 earthquake compliant. Meeting Bellcore NEBS GR-63-CORE standards, they feature reinforced seismic brackets and floor-mounting attachments. Also, they can be furnished with a shielding effectiveness of 65 dB at 2 GHz.

Each enclosure has a heavy-duty frame with reinforced corners and steel blocks, solid sides and cover, a solid top, and a 100-mm seismic base with cable-entry gland plate. SEISMIC models can be fully gasketed to maintain NEMA Type 12, IP55 integrity. Once the cabinet is installed, the company can help users obtain testing for seismic certification to Bellcore GR-63-COREspecifications.

Pricing starts at $1000, with an eight-week delivery time.

Pentair Electronic Packaging, 3757 Annapolis, Ste. 105, Plymouth, MN 55447; (888) 550-9543, (612) 509-7000; fax (612) 509-7005; www.pentair-ep.com.

Custom-Built Outdoor Enclosures Suit NEMA Specifications
The models in a line of custom-built outdoor equipment enclosures are rated for National Equipment Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Type 3R, Type 4, and Type 12 specifications. These rugged housings protect electronics from rain, sleet, ice, water, dust, falling dirt, and noncorrosive liquids. Made out of stainless steel or aluminum, a variety of sizes, color, sides, and door styles are available. Since each enclosure is custom built as per the user's specifications, it's necessary to contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Encore Products Inc., 344 McKemy Ave., Bldg. 2, Chandler, AZ 85226; (480) 705-5590; fax (480) 705-5593; www.encoreusa.com.

Wall-Mount Cabinets Give Designers Easy Access To Components
A series of wall-mount cabinets for networking applications comes with double hinging, providing designers with access to all components during installation and maintenance. Six sizes are available, from 24 by 22 by 15 in. to 48 by 22 by 25 in. According to their manufacturer, they provide exceptional load-bearing capacity for increased equipment support without additional bracing. These cabinets feature top, bottom, and rear cable entry. Their recessible rack angles support extra cabling. Right/left door opening offers optimum access. Louvered sides provide ventilation. And, they come with a lockable front window door.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Hoffman, 2100 Hoffman Dr., Anoka, MN 55303-7504; (800) 355-3560; fax (952) 942-6940; www.ehoffman.com.

Wall Holders Let Designers Hang Handheld Cases Anywhere
The Datec line of handheld cases, which target applications like instrumentation and mobile data collection and control, have been enhanced with a complementary series of wall holders. According to their manufacturer, these holders suit situations where the cases house remote-control devices, medical or industrial machine controllers, and test and measurement devices. They're molded in off-white or black ABS with a fine-textured finish, perfectly matching the Datec cases' appearance.

Prices start at $6.

OKW Enclosures, Abele Business Park #203, 300 Old Pond Rd., Bridgeville, PA 15017; (800) 965-9872; fax (412) 220-9247; www.okwenclosures.com.

Cubes Pack Dense Memory Into Small Packages
Two memory cubes provide high memory density in miniature packages. One of these cubes, a 1-Gbit model, has four TSOPs of 256 Mbits each (SDRAM or flash). It measures 24 by 11 by 7.45 mm. The 2-Gbit model stacks up to 8 TSOPs of 256 Mbits each (SDRAM or flash) for a 24- by 11- by 11.85-mm package. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

3D Plus Electronics, 641 Rue Helene Boucher, Z.I., 78532 Buc Cedex, France; +33 1 30 83 26 50; fax +33 1 339 56 25 89; www.3d-plususa.com.

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