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webOS, We Hardly Knew Ye

webOS, We Hardly Knew Ye

HP ran some snappy advertisements before putting on a fire sale with $99 TouchPads (see the figure). The hardware was gone within a day and made a significant dent in HP’s bottom line.

HP built the software for the TouchPad using the webOS mobile operating system that replaced the Palm OS the company acquired. HP has used webOS internally and talked about licensing it to others, but it may be an uphill battle. The operating system is based on the 2.6.24 Linux kernel. It also has a Web browser based on the WebKit layout engine. It’s fast and flexible with a multitouch interface.

One of the frameworks that webOS supports, Enyo, allows designers to create a single application that handles different screen sizes like those found on smart phones and tablets. Enyo is a Javascript framework. Mojo is an older framework that works with webOS. In addition, developers can write C/C++ applications that work with webOS.

There are quite a few webOS developers, but the group is smaller compared to iOS, Android, and Windows developers.

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